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Letter from the Volunteer Chief


Dear Prospective Volunteer,


Thank you for taking an interest in your community and with Glynn County Fire Department.  The following information is for those interested in applying for the position of Volunteer Firefighter.  Anyone interested in a career position should contact the Glynn County personnel department.


The volunteer division of the Glynn County Fire Department is always looking for new members.  The requirements are simple, and prior firefighting or EMS experience is not necessary.  All training and gear is provided by the Fire Department.  The only thing required from prospective members is dedication and the commitment of their time.


Perhaps I should clarify just what "volunteering" means.  It means that the members chose to join and to perform the duties necessary to aid in the operation of the Fire Department and perform all duties without compensation.  “Volunteer” does not mean, that they only show up or do something when it is convenient.  People with the attitude that they don't have to do anything unless they feel like it, or don't have anything else to do, are of little use to the department and are actually a detriment to the organization.


Members must accept the responsibility of membership.  These responsibilities include attending regular training meetings and drills, serve on department committees, actively participate in department events, perform necessary miscellaneous duties as needed and responding to incidents.  The Fire Department does not run by itself and it takes the responsibility from all members to do what needs to be done.  In order to get things accomplished, it is necessary to be available more than just on Tuesday nights.


The commitment you make as a Volunteer Firefighter is not only to the Fire Department but also to the community.  By this commitment you are agreeing to drop everything you are doing in order to help your fellow person in their time of dire need.  This is a noble commitment, and one that should not be taken lightly.  This is a commitment that not only you, but also your family must agree upon.  The hours can be long - the work is dirty - and the situations are hazardous, but the rewards of helping someone in need are immeasurable. Your greatest driving force will be your Pride and Passion in the job you do.



If you believe you have what it takes to meet these challenges, we welcome you to join us.




Joe M. Combs II,

Volunteer Chief

Glynn County Fire Department – Volunteer Division






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